Involving the Wider Community


Through the Sensation Activation Project we are keen to involve the wider community. So far we have developed strong partnerships with Derby Moor Community Sports college, worked with the Mayor twice and have held two parent and carer events.

 We’ve hosted a visit from our former pupils (now year 3’s at Gayton Junior School) where they came to play on the new sensory pathways and in the new shaded outdoor classroom. It was fair to say that they thoroughly enjoyed and were very excited with the opportunity to see how much their old playground has changed and were keen to express their views on the new developments.

 ‘I love it! The textures and detail of the pathways are great to play on. They are so much better than the stones that were there when we were at Ridgeway.’

‘It’s so unfair. We didn’t have all of these amazing things when we were here!’

‘The new shaded area is a great place to sit and relax. It will also keep the younger children shaded when it’s sunny.’

We’ve also opened up the developments to a school group that comes to visit our Sensory room with their special educational needs pupils each week.  Some children with special educational needs often have challenges with their sensory skills. Our Sensory Square plants and pathways and our Sensory Den provide a perfect space where they can comfortably explore different textures, smells and tastes.

 ‘This space provides our children with a safe space that stimulates their senses in a fun way!’

 We are currently seeking ways of developing links with others in the community such as Broomfield College Students and Derby University Students.

When the project is complete we hope to continue to build on the links we have established as a direct result of the Sensation Activation Project, so our children can continue to benefit from working with the wider community.


Dig and Chip Event

As a result of our first STEM Day we needed help to remove the impractical stones from the pathways in the Sensory Square. As we have very supportive families we knew we could rely on them to help us to get the job done! It was lovely to see children, parents and staff all work together to get the task done efficiently. After all their hard work we enjoyed chip cobs in the hall!

Here’s what some of our families had to say about the event...

“Great activity for the children and parents to get involved in; great community/school spirit!”

“Had a great time gardening with my child and others (really productive and social event). Will definitely do it again next year”

“Really enjoyed it and good to see so many helpers here. Will be back again”


 Derby Moor girls

The STEM investigation club was set up to try to inspire our girls in the STEM subjects. The year 2 and sixth form girls from Derby Moor Community Sports College worked together to make dens, investigate light sources and explore shadows. They ended with a free investigation session where the girls made rainbow potions, waving hands, slime and worms and changed the colours of flames! It was a pleasure to watch both sets of girls grow in confidence! Overall it was a very inspirational and motivating club that we will endeavour to provide again in the very near future. All the year 2 girls agreed that they would like to go to a similar club.

Here’s what some of the year 2 girls and their parents had to say...

‘I liked the six form girls running the club instead of the teachers because they are more fun.’

‘I’ve learnt that shadows is a light shining at an object and then it makes a shadow because it blocks the light’

‘I am very pleased that my daughter got a chance to go to this particular club indeed. She very much enjoyed doing the experiments and learning about lots of different science techniques. She has spoken a lot about mixing potions and what is transparent and what light is. She would like to be a scientist in the future. Many thanks for this opportunity.’

‘My child loves science and would like to be a scientist one day.’

The sixth form girls reported that they would like to run a similar club in the future and that through planning and running the club they have developed their organisational, leadership, time management and communication skills and have all gained in confidence.

‘It has made my career choice of being a teacher stronger’

The sixth form girls reported that they would like to run a similar club in the future and that through planning and running the club they have developed their organisational, leadership, time management and communication skills and have all gained in confidence.

Dig and Chip Event April 2016

We recently held another Dig and Chip event to invite the school community in to help us to transform the shaded outdoor classroom into a ‘sensory haven’ as a result of the children’s ideas on the last STEM day.  The event was very well attended and it was lovely to see the pupils of Ridgeway lead their mums, dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters around the different activities so proudly and enthusiastically.  Some families were busy in the craft rooms creating wind chimes, light catchers and texture boards, whilst others planted our new herb and vegetable planters.  We are so pleased with how successful the event was and how much our families managed to achieve on the night!

 Feedback from our visitors said,

“A great opportunity to meet and talk to other parents”

“I wish my school would do something like this!”

“Brilliant way to get the school community together and get some sunshine. Chips were lovely too!”

“Great time creating sensory boards for the garden. Another great opportunity for the students to spend time getting involved out of school hours.”

“We were extremely lucky with the weather which helped the event be so very successful!”

“Another great family event. It was lovely to get out in the sunshine. The school grounds are a great feature of the school and it’s nice to help maintain them”

“We LOVED it”