Mrs K Harford-Smyth


March 2020 

Unfortunately we were unable to hold our annual 'Open Maths Sessions' due to the Coronavirus situation. Look out for more information about when these sessions will be rescheduled. 


December 2019

Please click on the link below to enjoy solving a Maths Reasoning problem each day leading up to Christmas! Good Luck in being a magical mathematician!

Christmas Calendar "Maths Reasoning" Dec19

Christmas Calendar "Maths Reasoning" Dec19 (With Answers)

Spring 2019

We have now introduced ‘Mastery Glasses’ as part of our teaching and learning of Maths in Y1 and Y2. The main aim of this is to encourage our children to use different skills when explaining their thinking as a Mathematician and when using a specific skill, are encouraged to wear the actual glasses . . . this has proved a real hit with children! Please see the document below for more information and a description of each coloured glasses. [Mastery Glasses]

In our weekly Friday celebration assembly, we have also now introduced a ‘Magical Mathematician’ award where a child is chosen from each class to wear a special hat. Children can be chosen by their teacher for a number of reasons, including showing resilience when solving problems, making lots of progress in a specific area of Maths, explaining their thinking as a Mathematician etc. This has added an extra buzz in Maths lessons as children are desperate to be chosen and celebrated for their learning in Maths across the week.

Autumn 2018

This year, we have decided to follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work for KS1. This scheme aims to build confidence, resilience and a passion for Maths, showing children that maths is an exciting adventure and that EVERYONE can enjoy, value and master maths skills. If you would like to find out more, please visit:

Please see below a yearly overview for both Year 1 and Year 2 that shows you what children will be focussing on:

Year 1 Yearly Overview

Year 2 Yearly Overview

If you have any questions regarding our Maths teaching and learning, please do not hesitate to contact me on the email address above! 


Useful Documents

Please see below some key documents that you may find useful to help support your child in developing as a confident and independent Mathematician at home:

YR Master Booklet for Parents/Carers

Maths at Ridgeway

Year 1 & 2 Maths Curriculum Content

Reception Maths Curriculum Content

Addition and Subtraction Policy 2019

Previous Events  

In 2017 we were lucky to have Selwyn from Maths in a Suitcase deliver an after-school club. Selwyn presented lots of mathematical challenges to all who attended in many different formats focussing on many different elements of Maths. It was a pleasure to see children and parents/carers working together to solve the problems! Please see below some of the amazing comments left by people who came to enjoy the event:

"I think it makes Maths look fun. The man leading it was very passionate and I wish I had had had this as a child because I think it would have motivated me to do Maths!”

 “Brilliant! The gentleman was very engaging with the children and encouraging. They loved the magnetic polydron table!”

 “Fantastic event! My son loved it!”

 “This provides an excellent opportunity for the children to explore Maths in a fun way!”

 “Great variety of puzzles and games to help the children work out patterns and shapes and how they fit together!”

 “Very interesting activities that had my daughter puzzled but inquisitive. Enjoyed it very much!”

 “We thought it was great! Everybody enjoyed doing the little tasks together. It was fun!”

 “Great session! Good for children interacting with other children!”

 “An enjoyable session for everyone; challenging and engaging. Learning through play is always good! Very impressed with my daughter for solving some of the puzzles, they were tricky!”

 “My daughter loved it; taught her to think differently. Play and learn in the best way!”

 “Great opportunity to explore Maths problems with our children. Thanks! It was lovely watching the way their minds work and their level of perseverance. Even my 3 year old enjoyed it!”



Committed to developing our children as confident and independnent Mathmaticians!
Committed to developing our children as confident and independnent Mathmaticians!