Please see below some of the fundraising the School has done over the past few years:-

Book Fair March 2018 £642.00p in FREE Books

Poppy Appeal 2017 raised £103.36p

Children in Need 2017 raised £303.43p

Macmillan 2017 raised £323.24p

FORs Summer Fair 2017 raised £975.09p

Red Nose Day 2017 raised £254.10p

FORs Christmas Fair 2016 raised £696.91p

Children In Need 2016 raised £244.01p

Poppy Appeal 2016 raised £111.90p

Staff Wear It PINK 2016 raised £92.84p

FORs Summer Fair 2016 raised £1413.53p

Race for Life 2016 raised £150.98p

Staff Panto 2016 raised £1007.46p

Sports Relief 2016 raised £226.51p

Children In Need 2015 raised £298.04p

Poppy Appeal 2015 raised £101.48p

Wear it Pick 2015 raised £168.71p

Macmillan 2015 raised £288.71p

Race for Life 2015 raised £205.00p

FORs Summer Fair 2015 raised £641.72p

Red Nose Day 2015 raised £391.90p

Marie Curie 2015 raised £220.58p