ECO Team

The Eco team have worked really hard over the last 2 years and have completed lots of little projects around school. For example they have created our beautiful meadow, planter over 300 trees, made posters about being water and electricity friendly, given assemblies on reducing food waste and voted to choose our new fruit waste bins. 

As a result of all of this hard work we have been awarded with a Woodland Trust bronze award! 

Well done to the Eco team for all of their hard work!


Watch this space for the silver award! 


UPDATE The School has now been awarded the Silver and Gold Awards (Click on the links below)...



In 2016-17 we have appointed an Eco Team to work on an exciting year-long project. Together we are creating a wildflower meadow in a corner of our school field!

Together with one of our school governor – Mr Cremin and our site manager Mr Morris, we plan to make a natural learning space with a huge selection of British wild flowers growing which will hopefully attract lots of animals and creatures.

So far the children have planted 1000s of wildflower seeds and bulbs which should begin to show in Spring time and we have also planted 1000s more seeds I trays which we will transfer to the meadow once they have grown a little.

As the project goes on we are going to plant a fence around the meadow and mow in some pathways. We are also going to make some birdfeeders and hopefully make a story circle so that the whole school can enjoy our learning area.