Animation Club (Year2)

This is a Golden Time Club run for Year 2 children in which they learn animation skills using the pivot software.

The children learnt animation skills over a six week period, before creating the following animations in only 20 minutes.

"My animation was about a man who ride a donkey, but if ran off, so the man got a new pet and it was an elephant"

"Animation club is nice because I learnt something I didn't know before"

"My animation is about making different movements in different colours"

"Animation club was fun and helpful as I had to think how the body moves in different ways"

"My animation is about superman getting rid of the bad guys"

"My animation was about ballet and I made the animation do a handstand"

"Animation club taught me how to show a person dancing through showing tiny movements"

"Animation club was really, really fun because you control the man and his movements to make an animation"

"Animation club is really cool because its really fun to make different animations"