Each week we acknowledge targeted achievement based on one of our School Values Mrs Dale shares the new focus every Monday in assembly. Posters around school remind everyone what the weekly focus is and on Friday one child is selected from each class and invited to Head's Tea with Mrs Dale.

Head's Tea is held ‘Somewhere Special’ with juice and cookies and is very much a family time where all children introduce themselves, celebrate their achievement and ask Mrs Dale any questions they want . . . anything at all!!

After Head's Tea the children sit on VIP reserved seats in our weekly Friday Celebration Assembly before they are congratulated by the whole school as they collect their special Headteacher Award certificate ready to take home to celebrate even more with their grown-ups.


Here are some of our weekly focuses: 

  • Children who have mastered something new
  • Children who are making good progress
  • Children who focus on important things
  • Children who have looked after their classroom and cloakroom
  • Children who have demonstrated being active
  • Children who have been brave
  • Children who have demonstrated perfect playground behaviour
  • Children who have been responsible at lunchtimes
  • Children who have demonstrated good manners

Any so many, many more . . . .