At Ridgeway we are the only infant school in the area to offer the opportunity to swim in both years one and two. To further promote this and highlight the importance of swimming as a life skill, we have introduced two new swimming certificates.

Each half term the teachers in key stage one, along with the Gayton swimming staff, will decide upon their class' Superstar Swimmer  as well as one child who has Most Improved over the last few weeks.

A Superstar Swimmer may have done a range of things to impress their teacher, for example, exceeded expectations, been trying their very best, following instructions immediately, shown great improvement to their confidence or stroke.

The first certificates to be presented were to the children listed below. Furthermore, we were pleased to present almost 30 Grade 2 certificates to children in year two who demonstrated a range of criteria including the following:

                      1) Jump in from poolside safely

                      2) Push from the wall and glide on the front/back

                      3) Travel on their front/back for 5 metre's

                      4) Perform a rotation from their front/back to the back to gain an upright position



Superstar Swimmers

Stan (4)

Olivial (5)

Aminah (6)

 Malaika (7)

Sebastian  (8)

Aiden K (9)

Most Improved Swimmers

Riaz (4)

Ben (5)

Pavan (6)

Jasmine (7)

Macey (8)

Emily (9)