We are pleased to announce that we have decided to renew our subscription to Mathletics for 2016/17.

Through Mathletics, an educational website, your child will be able to access a range of activities focusing on various topics which cover the full Primary Curriculum.

This is an incredible on-line resource as it helps to build enjoyment of Maths and in turn, improve children’s confidence and achievement within the subject.

Research has suggested that 99.2% of children who attempt an activity 3 times will have mastered a skill for life and this normally takes less than 20minutes. Developing our children as Mathematicians is a huge priority at Ridgeway and Mathletics could prove to be a huge catalyst in achieving this!

Your child should have now received their log-in details but if for any reason it gets lost, please contact your child's class teacher or via the contact form at the bottom of this page below.


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Mathletics Points System Explained

A few questions have been raised recently about the points system on Mathletics so please see below an explanation of how they work directly from a Customer Support Specialist from Mathletics:

Even though the points are re-set once a week, they are not lost as Gold Bars completed in previous weeks will always show on a child's account, and you can always find the points accrued by each child under their 'Weekly Reports'. The points are archived once a week so that it is obvious to children how far they are away from achieving a certificate.

Certificates are awarded for acquiring 1000 points in a week; only one certificate can be earned each week, even if over 2000 points are achieved. Once your child has achieved 5 Bronze certificates, over 5 days, the fifth Bronze certificate will turn into a silver award. A Gold certificate is earned when 4 Silver certificates have been achieved. This looks like the following:


B  B  B  B  S

B  B  B  B  S

B  B  B  B  S

B  B  B  B  G


The reason for having one certificate awarded per week is so that Mathletics can work as a motivational tool, otherwise children may want to finish the work as quickly as possible! This way, children are constantly working for 20 weeks in order to achieve their Gold certificate, much better than finishing in one week and then being bored!

As a way of acknowledging all children that use Mathletics, we are going to set up a 'Leaderboard' on the website to show which classes are making the most of this valuable website at the end of each half term. Their will be prizes available for the winning class in each year group! 


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